Engineering Services

Design and Product Development

  • In-house development of new innovative technologies to be implemented in the automotive industry.
  • IBEX works with you to refine product designs for production. Our engineering team thrives on early engineering involvement to simplify parts, designs and materials. This early involvement reduces costs from parts sub-assemblies, associated tooling and increases project efficiency.
  • IBEX engineers utilize the latest CAD, CAM, CAE tools.
  • IBEX is leading Bi-lateral industrial R&D cooperation program between Israel and China under MATIMOP - Israeli center for R&D on behalf the Office of the Chief Scientist (OCS) in Israel.


IBEX provides full product prototyping services.

Extensive Mold Design and Manufacturing Experience

IBEX team has vast experience in building molds for plastic injection molding for the past 15 years.

Project Management

We manage the entire Project Life Cycle fully transparent to our customers in order to ensure on-time delivery, within budget and according to specifications.

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